Youth is falling prey to advertisement

Youth is falling prey to advertisement

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Mr Harald expressed his belief that the rules and ethics of the costumes made by the several masters not only provide geographical compatibility but also in view of the subtle science that affects the physical appearance of men and women. There is no such harmony with the psychology of costumes in any country of the world or in any culture, it was the result of the most subtle study of the human nature of Indian masters. Among the western countries today, most of the Indian dress sarees in America are special. The attraction and trend are increasing rapidly, on the other hand, the youth and young people of our country are adopting foreign and cinema type costumes, it is not only the stupidity of blindness but also its intellectual, mental and spiritual weakness. If it is not stopped and If people do not leave ugly, vulgar costumes like pants, coats, boots, hats, skirts, tight trousers etc., the characteristics of Indians like countries are also certain. Mr Herald writes that social features should be considered in this regard right now otherwise the day is not far when the water will pass through the head. Physical prosperity is not everything. America is the richest country in the world today. He has a lot of money. Along with wealth, education, science and luxuries have increased in abundance here. Like earning, they have also learned the art of consumption. That is why the residents of the place look rich and attractive to us. There is a car behind one out of every three.

This means that in the family where there will be a woman, man and a child, the average of a car will come. Televisions, refrigerators, heaters, coolers, telephones and other convenient household appliances are often found in every household. There are so many means of luxury for which citizens of poor countries like India can only imagine and crave. Even then the internal situation of that country is very hollow. They are becoming hollow in terms of physical and mental health. Joint family, couple loyalty, child harmony and social support are gradually decreasing. Due to increasing busyness and formality, every person is becoming isolated. No one has faith in anyone nor trust of reliable support in difficult times. By drinking intoxication or watching entertainment of naked sexual arousal or by adopting the means of sensory satiety, they keep doing gum wrong somehow. The loneliness and hollowness within them continue to crumble. The inner condition of the inhabitants of that country, based on American newspapers, magazines, governmental and non-governmental reports, is truly productive of compassion. Sometimes we even have to think that we are far better illiterate than the well-to-do people who somehow eat contented bread and sleep peacefully. According to health reports, about 10 million people in America are 15. 1 in 1 person suffers from mental illnesses. 1.5 million people suffer from 1 percent insanity. Often one and a half million people are eccentric. One mental illness is found in 12 children.

According to the reports of hospitals, the proportion of mental diseases that were propagated now has increased by 12 times more than a hundred years ago. Only two million of them turned out to be useful and the rest were declared ‘all fit’. America, the country with the highest number of lunatics in the world, is one crazy person per two hundred people there. Not everyone gets a place in the hospitals, but those who are admitted for treatment have to spend 750000 million on the same high-altitude government. These days, two and a half million people, one-sixth of the population is suffering from some physical disease. . Of these, 70 lakhs only hold hospital beds. Cancer has increased at an amazing pace. After the age of 55, eight thousand men and 14 women die from cancer. Asthma, diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, insomnia, indigestion, these five are now added to the essential organs of civilization. Medicines used in these diseases will be present in every family. Almost every adult male and female is familiar and used with the prevention of pregnancy, yet they conceive and have to undergo abortions. Quinine level medicines are usually given for abortion, which has a long-lasting effect on the reproductive institution and all the children who are born bring some part of the effect of those drugs into their body. Aspirin, a headache medicine, is sold alone for one million four million pounds. Sleep medicines consume up to six million pounds of weight. Three-quarters of people suffer from constipation. Therefore, his medicines are in the highest quantity.

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