You will reap what you sow

You will reap what you sow

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The law of creation has prescribed some time between karma and fruit. After sowing the seeds, it takes some time to grow a tree. The baby born several months after conception. This bravado is seen in humans that they want immediate for their good karma, become impatient after delay and want mustard frozen on the palm; Do not have to wait till the plants freeze till tomorrow. The rapture produces rashness and the mood often makes a semicircle, which has immediate benefits; No matter how momentary or sad it may be. Knowing where that prudent foresight goes, the students become scholars, lean wrestlers, retarded, impetuous and poor and backward wealthy. This is the prime mistake of a human being, due to which he forgets the purpose, nature and seniority of his life – wandering in the road and wandering in the thickets. Seeing this mistake, many times one has to accept that ‘Man is not really a child of God, but according to Darwin’s statement he is a monkey child.’

This satire is ridiculed by the unthinking contemplation of man. Due to this, corruptions enter his character and behaviour and various types of attacks are started. Wicked thinking becomes an instrument of corrupt conduct and due to this many undesirables take over his head. It would not be said that no one will get rid of karma enjoyment; Even if it is formed due to deviation. Birds and fishes have been seen falling in the greed of the bait and losing their lives. What you have sown will have to be reaped; Even if vigilance was taken or prudence was done.

This is the centre of confusion, distortion and misery. If this mistake can be avoided, why should anyone object to calling man the heir of God, the eldest prince? Then why should his tendency to be selfish and be a hindrance in pleasuring happiness? Why does he have to endure irony like a prisoner when he is caught in the iron gems of lust, craving and ego? Why do people living in the desert like a dull, ruthless and hey life? Why do we have to live a life of fear and weeping?

There are darkness and light in this world; there is heaven as well as hell; there is also downfall and upliftment; there is a tragedy as well as joy. Of these two, one can choose at will. Everyone is allowed to do anything, but the ban is so much that the reward of the act cannot be avoided. The prescribed order of the creator cannot be broken. Despite having the freedom to do so, he has to be absolutely bound to bear the consequences. It is another matter that the process takes some delay in ripening. Their judges also take a lot of time to file a case and get punishment.

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