You gotta progress internally

You gotta progress internally

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There is such a unique rule of creation that fall is natural and uplift is made difficult. You leave the water, it will run down. You don’t have to do anything else for this. It takes no effort and no effort to fall down. There are some unique rules of this world. For the fall, you will get a lot of resources for bad deeds, you will get co-operatives, you will get books and if you do not find any, then the collected consignments of your past births will help you a lot in this matter. They will continue to encourage you to fall. Your mind will continue to drag to sin. There is no need of any teacher for this, nor any help from anyone else. It has become like your nature, the effort to fall backwards is so full in this world, that if you do not defend, you do not oppose it, you do not fight against it, then believe it, you will continue to fall. , Will fall towards collapse. The whole society is moving in this way.

A person does not really progress from outside. The roots are under the tree ground, not visible. If the root is small, the tree cannot grow. The amount of detail you can see of a man is not really an extension of his body. Actually, his money is not an extension. There is no extension of his wisdom. But there is the expansion of man, the expansion of man’s consciousness. If the intuition becomes a small level, then the man will remain a poor person. The bastard will remain the bastard. The small will remain small. No other man, even if he wants to help him from a distance, will not be able to do it, if the inner man cannot develop.

When it rains, everything becomes soft and wet, so I ask whether the rock is wet or not? No sir, no, and a leaf is produced from the rock? Does not happen. They have to adapt themselves to benefit from water. If this principle is understood then the matter should go ahead and if you have taken care that whatever we are, we want to remain in the same way and there is no need to change ourselves.

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