World is not made for you

World is not made for you

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Changing yourself is a matter of your hand. Changing circumstances is not a matter of your hand, changing people with your will is not a matter of your hand. If you try for what is not on your hand, then you will be shocked unnecessarily. Do not think that your family members should become ignorant of you. You see whether you can perform your duties towards those people or not, that is enough and do not move forward. Circumstances will become favourable to you, do not think where situations are created, according to the situation of man.

This world is not made for you. To fulfil your wish, there is a need for eligibility and pre-accumulation activities, otherwise, why do you think that everything will be your wish. You change yourself. Change what? Go from old to young? No, it is not about your hand. This body is made of nature and nature is its owner. She produces when she wants, and when she wants. Do your own nature? Can you turn old age into youth? No, can death be transformed into life, no? Man has a limit and the limit with which you are bound, you talk about the same limit, think of the same limit, then it is also possible to fulfil it. You will think infinite things, fantasies of impossible things – except by making assumptions, you are not going to be surprised. You should not be surprised, consider what is right, which is possible, put your hand in it. In your hands, it is possible to change your mind. Change your attitude, change your attitude, change your way of thinking, change your nature, it is absolutely possible for you to change this.

If you go from here, then you should take such a life, which everyone seems to have changed. Your shape cannot be changed, but nature will change. How can the shape be changed? The shape cannot be changed. Your body texture cannot be changed. Your nature can be changed.

Till now, two works have been involved in your life – one has been involved in work for life, its name is – to fill the stomach. In other words, it is called greed. The second task is responsible for you – reproduction. To get married, to have lots of children, to bear the weight of a lot of children. Keep doing proper and improper work to lift that heavyweight. Day and night to be immersed in anxiety, stomach and reproduction. This is what has been working and tell me what work has been done. Apart from these two things, what other work have you done? Come on, you must have done another work as well. To fulfil your ego, to create chic weights, to create dazzle in the eyes of people, you may have done some things that make you feel great. There is a feeling of nobility. Is not great. How can you become big by creating dazzle in the eyes of others? Becoming big is about increasing the value of your personality and increasing the value of personality. Anyone can create a glow in the eyes. What is there in the eyes? Even the sparkle in the eyes produces photographs, and also produces idols. If a sick man is decorated and seated, he also creates shine. Does creating glitter also work? There is nothing other than the fulfilment of ego in it. We are big men, big men. Hey, what big man are you? Your mind is not big, your personality is not big, your values ​​are not big, so how will the stability of nobility remain? All your life is over in your work.

Add some new work to your life. We change our nature, we change our thinking, we change our behaviour, the attitude towards our family, which is your way of thinking, you can easily change it and you must change it. To make our society progressive, to contribute something to make it progressive. If you make such a determination, take such a program from here, and get ready as soon as you go in such preparation, then I will say that your future will be so great that you will be stunned by seeing and whoever comes in contact with you, They all keep saying that this man has been rejuvenated.

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