Willpower: a divine grant | Part-2

Willpower: a divine grant | Part-2

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Be it male or female, child, old man, healthy, sick or poor or poor, things do not deteriorate, importance is of power; many have created the conditions for themselves and succeed. There may be a difference in how much time and labour took, but a person trying for self-building fulfils his aspiration late in the course of efforts. In many respects, the circumstances of the woman are considered inferior to that of the male, but this belief is true as far as their morale remains. Realizing their dignity, if they wake up the will power, then there is no reason for them to stay behind in any field from men.

Scholars were engaged in the composition of the Cadet Grammar Arms. His wife Bhamati split the rope of the moon and used to manage it. Karl Marx, the father of communism also could not earn anything. This work was done by his wife ‘Jeannie’. They used to buy old clothes and make little children’s clothes and sell them in a hawker. In order to encourage and support husbands for ideals in this way, their high-level resolve worked only. The poor scholar of Bengal, Pratap Chandra Rai, putting all his power and wealth, took up the translation work of Mahabharata but passed away in the middle. His wife completed the relic work by increasing her Sanskrit knowledge.

In addition to intelligence and means, man has got such a huge divine grant of determination through which he can also show the impossible. The incident dates back to 1910 — a sixteen-year-old teenager was travelling in a Germany train. He wanted to run away from home, he could not take a ticket due to lack of money. On seeing the ticket inspector, he tried to hide under the seat, but he could not escape the eyes of the ticket inspector. He asked the teenager for the ticket, he did not have the ticket. A piece of newspaper was lying nearby, Kishore picked it up in his hand, determined in his mind that it was a ticket and placed the piece in the hands of the ticket inspector. Saying the mind, this determination kept on repeating – O God! He could see that piece of paper stamp. His surprise did not stop when he saw that the inspector while returning that piece of paper said – ‘Have you gone mad? What is the need to hide under the seat when you have a ticket? ‘

Of course, the place of will power is paramount in the divine grants given by God to man. The main seed of success in the physical and spiritual life is considered to be strong will power. The emergence of all powers is by force of strong determination. In his book titled ‘The Emotions and Will’, British psychologist Wayne Alexander has said that the vigour of the resolution forces the human personality to rise to the top. According to him, there are many weaknesses in the human being, to get rid of the body, one has to keep the morale high and the will power strong. Success is found only where the will power is intense and efforts are made accordingly. Strong will power moulds the brain in its structure, according to that the physical-mental activities start operating.

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