Willpower: a divine grant | Part-1

Willpower: a divine grant | Part-1
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The blessing that man has got in the form of willpower is so powerful that he can move forward in any field, whether physical or spiritual, by traversing every obstacle in the path of progress and success can be seen laying in the footsteps of man.

All the great men in the world or who have shown their extraordinary talents, only their determination has been working in its core. This is the force – on the basis of which the adventurous journeys have been accomplished with great goals. Napoleon crossed the invincible Alps mountain on foot with the help of this and set a unique record in the world. The highest mountain peak of the world, and hoisted their victory flag there and proclaimed that there is nothing in this world that was not done by the force of resolution.

The supreme confidence of self-power still attracts the attention of the masses towards their dignity and says that a man born and raised in normal condition can surely succeed in applying for the same credit as us But the need is for only one thing and that is – courageous determination.

It is difficult to change the previous practices, habits and habits but not so much which cannot be cancelled with the help of strong resolving power. Ordinary people remain confused and cry not to succeed in self-control, but nothing is impossible for a man who takes shelter in determination. Abraham Lincoln won the election after being defeated 17 times. Struggling step-by-step with difficulties, they went on and on. George Washington became the President of America’s Reverence. Right from birth, he faced extreme poverty, but with the help of his own efforts, he kept moving forward.

Columbus set out in search of India with his boat. Facing the deadly challenges of the sea voyage, the New World was able to discover America. This was the result of his fierce determination. It is a miracle of his determination power to make blind, dumb, deaf, Helen Keller an idol of knowledge, to become a treasurer of the seventeen universities. On the contrary, even rich students keep on crying about their failure. The other reason for this is the lack of morale and the main obstacle.

Eminent English litterateur H.G. Mothers of Wales used to feed themselves and their children by making utensils at home. In such difficult circumstances, he kept searching for every opportunity of earning education with great enthusiasm and with that effort he became a high-class litterateur. The life story of scientist Edison is also similar to Wales. On searching, other such evidence can be found in the country and abroad, in which people who have struggled with adverse circumstances, have achieved such huge successes, which can be called miracles. In fact, will power is such a divine grant, which is possible for everyone to benefit from compassion.

this story will be continued in part-2…

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