There is no magic pill

There is no magic pill

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There is no object called magic in the world. The name of success is the ability to dodge people’s eyesight. There is a lot of description of Siddhi Miracle in the field of spirituality. One can be surprised to see them, but it cannot be assumed that it is accidental. The common law tradition of nature is not behind them. The truth is that this creation is perfectly organized. There is also no scope for chaos. There is no such thing that can be called unexpected, impossible or miraculous. That which we do not know is known as a miracle. This unknowable can only be called an exception. In fact, the perfect system of nature is working behind those exceptions. In the beginning, sun, lightning, fire, rain etc., the facts that play eye and eye were considered to be gods. Their motives were celebrated and sacrifices were made. The lunar eclipse and solar eclipse were considered to be accidental attacks of any demons, but now that is no longer the case. Research findings of science have well explained that there is nothing unexpected here. The unknown is called an exception. In fact, there is no scope even in this world for darkness, for transgression.

The unknowable is called the exception. In fact, there is the existence of realism here. The exception means that the information on the basis of which unusual events have occurred has not been understood. This series of exceptions will continue because we have knowledge about the general system and also have habits to see and understand it. Based on the known rules of the universe, whenever something unusual happens, only then it will be called an exception. The secrets of nature are infinite and the intellect of man is very self-fulfilling. In such a situation, extraordinary things will continue to happen. It is only right that we make our attitude clear with respect to that. Accept your limitation and keep trying as hard as possible to reach the facts without getting confused.

Recently, an inexpensive method has been adopted that every exception has been resolved by considering the actions of the deities. Fascism is a similar philosophy in which a strange kind of confusion has been created by the Gods, speaking of the creation of fortune. Exceptions have been called ‘Luck’ etc. in the thinking class. It is justified as an ‘unexpected opportunity’. No deity has been credited or blamed for that. In it, the unknown has been recognized, the exception has been accepted and if its cause is not known, it is not tried to create a new illusion by calling it wrath or grace of some deity. This is a sign of understanding. To claim to be omniscient is false ego. To know what is not known, the mind should be kept open and patiently trying to find the formula of revelation. This is wisdom.

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