The upcoming human evolutions

The upcoming human evolutions

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Except for the upper-class carcasses, the tooth decay of other people was very less. Some arthritis, three stones of kidney stone and one stone of cheek were found. No symptoms were found in any mummies of rickets and cancer. At that time, the people of Egypt also used to eat unnatural and natural food, they were almost completely vegetarian, then there was such a situation, but now the situation is completely different from this, there are thousands of patients in cancer alone, it is known to increase the diseases and unwanted changes in health Moves After a few thousand years, probably not a single child will take a pure birth, most of them will be born with some restriction and there will be many who will be impotent and genderless due to the successive children of humans suffering from semen diseases today. Science has confirmed all the symptoms of today’s diseases in the form of rites, so there is no doubt, that the coming cartoons generation will lose many parts of itself.

Regarding the toes and the hair, biologists fear that there will be only one finger in the hands and all the hair will be liberated not only for men but also women continuous expansion of the cube area. Now man walks a lot but he walks around sitting. Trains, motors, tongs and rickshaws run, now man eats a lot but no hunger, tongue feeds, now man listens a lot but not in accordance with the natural desire of motors, trains, ships, mills and factories, machinery The thunder has to be heard, now man sees a lot but the natural scenes that make the soul strong and beautiful, the greenery and the flowers, not the grace of the plants, the cinema scenes are the pictures painted with artificial pencils, which also create a corrupted emotion. Earlier people used to do enjoy music and folk songs, this would lead to the release of subtle hormones to swell and soothe the spirits, and the human being remained healthy and shapely.

By suppressing the natural processes, the brain has become hungry. In the centres of thinking, neural cells and nerve fibres are developing the growing population needs food, whether it meets America by begging or by killing the sea fishes and other organisms. Meet. If the components of the brain grow, then they also need fodder. They cannot get more than what nature has set them, as a result, they also commit violence, that is, they suck the power of the eyes, ears, nose and stomach, because of this, more organs will become weak. The power of thought will continue to grow and the capacity of the senses will continue to decline. That is, people with this cartoon shape will not only have a weak body, but they can be deaf as well, dumb as well, eyes will look less and a furlong will get tired of getting tired. To avoid them, then people will roam the hearing instruments, microscopy, telescopic instruments hanging from the body in the same way as women are full of different kinds of jewellery.

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