The ‘unbearable weight’ of big-long families

The ‘unbearable weight’ of big-long families

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A wolf kills hundreds of goats. It is said that there are only two children in the life of a lion, but in front of their power and strength, even the wild creatures like rhinoceros, rhinoceros, rhinoceros, fill the water. If it were strong then the oyster would be the most powerful in the world. A pair of oysters lay 66–33 (ie thirty-three zeros next to 66) in a year. If their pile is made, then it is eight times bigger than the size of the earth, but this situation is not possible. The small creatures of the sea take advantage of their inability and feed them in a few days to equalize them. Nature Solution of Population Growth Nature takes various measures to reduce the weight of population growth on earth. Rabbits are found in abundance in Australia. A rabbit would also be an early breeder. A pair of rabbits produces at least 6 children at once. When the rabbit is 6 months old, then fertility comes in it. Once the child starts giving, he goes on giving 6 children every third month. In this way, in a year, there are 24 children from a couple, who, after 6 months, start bearing children themselves. In the 9th month 36 and the twelfth month 72 and in total, 24 + 36 + 72 = 132 rabbits are born in a year from a couple. This number keeps increasing at the rate of compound interest. If a rabbit lives for 5 years, then its family number will be 132 + 144 + 288 + 576 + 1152 + 2304 + 4608 + 9216 + 18432 + 36864 +73728 + 447556 + 295112 = 190112 during this period. This will be a couple’s birth.

The total area of ​​Australia is 30 lakh square miles and Its population is some 90 lakhs. If nature had allowed them to grow in their own proportion, there would not have been a single man in Australia today. There was not a single speck of greenery. As a result, carnivorous creatures are also not found in Australia, so there is no threat to their existence there. There would have been a parasol kingdom of rabbits. Even then, to know why the rabbits are less there, scientists studied the population born in the curious. They took pictures of large groups by installing telephoto-lenses (cameras that are placed at a location, the photo-maker goes backwards and keeps taking photos from a distance.). All the pictures were fun and show how much beating it takes to achieve a limited quota of water and grain. These pictures, which appear to be destroyed by fighting and fighting among themselves, are still safe with the Australian News and Information Bureau. A picture which is printed on page number 92 in the book ‘Kinship of Animal and Man’, written by Margan, is a great curiosity. A group of rabbits have gathered in a small pit to drink water. They climb on top of each other and reach the forefront to get water. The pit is small, the water is very less. Everyone quarrels among themselves, how many die in war, how many die of thirst and hunger and die.

The long family ‘unbearable weight’ like this type of opossum organism found in America is also quickly reproductive. It is a cat-like organism. She has a bag in her stomach in which she keeps her children, but she is a different creature from the Kangaroos. If you want to see the plight of a long family, then you should spend some time staying near this ‘opossum’. If you look at the way of life of the opossum, then you will know that the rule and influence in the world rest with those who are powerful and powerful even if their number is minimum. In contrast, population growth is a burden that destroys the dignity of family, society, nation and castes. Opossum gives eleven-twelve children together. Thumb-to-weak children find refuge in the sac. If the poor people go out, they may become victims of eagles, crows and eagles. Children of frailty tend to stick to the poor female even if they become a little older. The sexiest male is fidgeting elsewhere. If it does not fit in the back of the female, then it hangs in the tail, in the neck, everyone holds the mother’s hair with their teeth. The mother also thinks, whether the trouble is raised or the children suffer. They keep scratching the body. When they grow up, they do not leave the body and in the meantime, a new group of 11-12 children comes from the stomach. They also start entering the bag, so like all the brothers have a fight in the land, property divisions, just like these brothers also start fighting among themselves, the opossum gets irritated, then the first ones get caught and then the other team gets away Starts to tease Poor life ends in this crisis and she dies in a few days. This is also the result of more children in families of humans. Why this family is a danger to human society as well. What will be the consequences of the next day of the population explosion, if not warned in time, then how can nature strike its ruthless blow? From the above example, one can only guess the possibilities that will be caused by the population explosion.

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