The role of a political leader

The role of a political leader

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These days the power of governance is above all systems. He has to take both progress and blasphemy on his head. In this environment of change, he has to be ready to change both his responsibilities and the structure. Those who take part and interest in state power will see some currents flowing rapidly. Therefore, it is good to shield oneself at the time suited to them.

The first determination in this context is to think of withdrawing from the war. The way to think about the subject is also found. Everyone should think that assembled war means suicide. This is not the only way to protect justice and prevent unfairness. Apart from this, there are some roads and they will leave. We should prepare for their support.

The second question that is posed to politicians is to include regionalism. Do not cry for patriotism. Think of creating a nation – a world. Do not think about where our own country will be in it. Now it is necessary to think about how much and in whose hands governance is. The criteria should be set in this regard. Those who are eligible for it should be entrusted with that responsibility.

Such a change is necessary for today’s expensive and propaganda-based electoral system, in which only intelligent and responsible people can form the governing system. Everyone should have the right to form local level committees. Ability to vote should be contracted for those taking on big responsibilities. Majority not required. Only those who can get the votes of thoughtful people in minority, they should reach the governance system. There is no need to spend money to contest elections. The government should manage it or the public should bear the expenses. Instead of fighting the parties elections, it is better than without the party there is only one Party in the country and the elite elected by it should run the governance system. Passing the examinations is not enough to get recruited in important positions, but only after completing several criteria like his talent, ability and honesty, important places can be filled.

In the present situation, the above three types of changes will blow in the political arena. Divinity will produce compatibility for this. (With his influence), the thoughts of the people will be seen turning towards these possibilities automatically. In this, both economists and economists who influence the political field will give new and mature ideas.

Limits of Economy – After politics, the second most powerful field is that of the economy. These days the economy is free to produce more profitably. What is preventable is just a name. Neither the public nor the government can stop it from instigating people’s distaste and making money. Literature, pictures, films, etc. which influence the masses, are full of distasteful production. Such procurement will be banned the next day. No human will be able to talk about causing intoxication by invoking the fundamental right. Whatever the production is, only after proving its usefulness in the public interest, it will get an exemption for its construction.

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