The problem of immense population growth

The problem of immense population growth

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A report of the United Nations has said that in 1970, the total population of the world was 3 billion 33 million 20 lakhs, if this sequence continues further, in 2005, the world population will increase three times, that is, it will rise above 11 billion. It is broadly sensible that people experience the need to have fewer children. Therefore the birth rate has decreased slightly but it is equal to rye. If the population growth keeps decreasing in this order, then the order of 33.2 children born this time per thousand ‘back’ every year will be reduced to 25.1, but the death rate is also decreasing. These days it is at a low of 12.8 per thousand. It will also be reduced to 8.1 in the future. Thus, the final conclusion on the calculation of increase and decrease will be that the increase will still increase from 55.5 per thousand to 65.5. This situation is not hidden from the experts. Therefore, thoughtful mystics all over the world are anxious to solve this problem – to save the human race from the crisis arising due to population explosion. Several measures have also been suggested for a concrete solution in this direction. In which the use of artificial means is being suggested everywhere, but the use of artificial means is not considered safe.

Dr Mary Scarleb, Sir Roberts Armstrong Jones, Dr Hector, and Dr Macon, etc., made an in-depth study of the consequences of sagebrush by artificial devices and called them bad. This is the combined opinion of all of them in this regard – ‘There is a danger of increasing curiosity and sexuality. In social life, it is not appropriate from any point of view to make a confidential subject like ‘work’ such a topic of public discussion. This attracts the mind of the human beings towards the senses, as a result, the morale of the spartan is also weakened and they also fall prey to sexuality. ‘With this view, family planning programs should consider that they are responsible for the moral degradation of the country. India has spent one billion rupees on family planning in previous events. During this plan period, a budget has been kept for it by spending 600 million dollars. Millions of people have been appointed officially for this. Such articles are preferred in radio, newspapers, newspapers and magazines, all of which means that all these means are not stopping the population growth but are generating character corruption. Even experiments like rubber pouches, loop-pills could not prevent anything big because there are more backward people in the world.

She does not understand the importance of planning and hesitates to obtain and use these tools. Nature also gives more children to the weak. Only educated and intelligent people are affected by the promotion of planning and they only partially halted. Due to this, the number of developed class inversely decreases. Thus, the benefits that were expected from this movement were not found, but there was a result that while some time ago, child production was considered as the basis of good fortune, now people have started to understand and think about its ill effects. In this way, it is possible that some good results are being created in the future and people may start thinking differently that today the enthusiasm of reproduction is fatal to both the individual and society.

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