The intertwined Consciousness

The intertwined Consciousness

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Consciousness is also intertwined with non-consciousness in this world. The body looks like it works, but in reality, the power of conscious is working behind it. When life goes out, a good body becomes lifeless. Doing something far away, the process of rotting starts as soon as we die and tells that the root body can remain active as long as the Divine consciousness is associated with it. The entire game ends as soon as both are separated.

A lonely consciousness has its own existence. His formless power is absorbed everywhere. If it were real, then in one place, one would have to be bound in the form of a name-form and she would remain as a seaman. Therefore, he too has to take shelter of any body parts to carry out his desired activities. Thus it is possible to get a direct introduction. Many streams of nature, laser, x-rays etc. work, but understanding them is not possible with open eyes but only with the help of some subtle devices.
The same is known by adjectives like omnipresence, jurist. A small fraction of that works within the organisms. In humans, the level of this fraction is high and even higher, so the power of many personalities is found to be dormant in its interval. It is incumbent upon his personal effort to develop it or to be left there in the same neglected form.

Wherever a more elaborate form of this mixture appears, it is called a genius. When used for, this talent becomes deity-level and introduces itself like the great human beings, but at the same time, if a man starts to use his available freedom in improper works, then that misuse becomes a monster. Demons only cause disaster for themselves and their contacts; While the gods, while showing their decency and generosity on the steps, keep creating an atmosphere of happiness, peace and progress in their sphere of influence. When a monster-level practice is created, it only leads to collapse and overthrow. In spite of seeing immediate benefits in it, ultimately: the consequences of bad luck are visible.

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