The game of luck

The game of luck

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The opposition and anger towards fatalism were sparked because of the selfishness of his support, he set up his own independent business by putting the planetary constellations in between. Otherwise, it can be understood as an independent element of knowledge and considering its location in the rise and fall of a person, that remedy can be found in how to deal with it like other disasters – how difficulties Like efforts going on in other areas of simplification, solutions should be found in this direction.

Regarding luck, there is so many folklore that prevails on the curtains on it. Destiny is called the method or method of the law. Thinking about the meaning of this phrase also gives an idea of ​​the fact. Law is called law, the law is the law. Legislation of law means a system of law. The legislation is called the producer. Creator means Creator. The Creator means God. God’s law means the law of law. It is said that the rule of law or God is the same. It means the same fate – the reaction that is based on a certain rule process. By reaching this decision, the illusion is easily cut off by the fate that the fortune-teller has created under the guise of the planets and constellations, in which there is a vicious cycle of intimidating and taking advantage of the weak mindset. Dragging poor planet-constellations in this common creation system – blaming or crediting them is utterly meaningless.

Astronomy is a valid science. Information about the activities of planetary constellations is very useful, it is considered to be well known in the scientific society. It is well known how expensive and how strong efforts are being made in the field of science to bring news of space and inbound search for its discovery. There is also a benefit from that. Direct and how many indirect benefits such as radio, telephone, television are being received on the basis of astronomy information. This science has been and will remain. But when Astronomy is started to be described as a result, and by spreading new kinds of misconceptions and making an undertaking of selfish means, then it will continue to be condemned in society.

The future statement is a psychic ability. It is being supported on the basis of parapsychology. But if the horoscopes will be created as a new jungle for the future statement, then the social society cannot live without its reaction. If luck law is taken as pure element knowledge like astronomy, then its use can also be useful like behavioural science-karma byproduct-system science. With its help, a huge contribution can be made in the disposal of disasters and the promotion of facilities.

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