The development of willpower

The development of willpower

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Look at you. Where will you find such men who adopt principles and adopt ideals? Whatever you see. Many of you will be seen walking towards evil. Their contemplation and contemplation must have been working on the path of sin and fall. His character is also towards decline and his thinking is also towards decline. What should you do then If you want to rise higher then you must gather courage from within. What dare you should dare that you should become fast in the way that the high risers keep resorting to the force of determination and keep working with courage. Have you seen it? When we have to climb upwards from the ground, we wait for life, we wait for the ladder. Then they climb slowly. How long will it take to fall? Meteors fall on their own in space. When a rocket has to be thrown from the ground towards space, it costs millions and billions of dollars, then it is possible to hurl a rocket up into space. So what to do? What you have to do is to start a rebellion against these misgivings, while wandering among the eighty-four million people who have gathered a lot of info. How to do? Make yourself strong Will not make you strong then. Then again your old mischief will come again. Explain the mind. It will understand in a little while, then it will come on the same path. What should be done?

One must develop ‘willpower’. What is ‘willpower’? It is called ‘willpower’, in which it is decided that we must do this. It has to be done under any circumstances. Will or will die. In this way, if you commit to something, then you have faith, then your mental determination, it will push you forward. If you do not have morale and no definite force, keep on dreaming that ‘this will do’, will study education, start exercising, work will do. You keep imagining can never do anything Fantasies have not succeeded anyone till date and resolutions have never failed.

That is why you should become fast to take recourse to resolve power. You should be fast. In order to do the best work, in order to progress in the direction of progress, you must take some resolve in your mind that these will work.

Many people do this to work until they do good work, they will not work. Just like I will not eat salt, ghee will not be eaten, etc. What is this? There is nothing special in looking at it. What do you do with salt work and if you stop eating ghee, then there is such a big thing that you will get success in work. There is no strength in these things. But the point is that you have made such a hard decision and you have made sure that we have to do it. Then you have faith, your work will be completed. The pledges are forgotten, but if someone puts such an outward discipline inside, then the man does not forget.

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