‘Population explosion’ could lead to apocalypse

‘Population explosion’ could lead to apocalypse

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To solve the problem of the population explosion of the world saintly thinkers, it is understood that there is a revolutionary change in the institution of marriage and they are requesting the governments to dare to take strict measures to discourage reproduction, even if prevalent. Traditions hurt him and antiquities oppose him. Similarly, they are putting pressure on intellectuals and society leaders to support every measure that controls fertility. They give up the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlegitimate-illegal and just-unfair on the basis that the objection should be found in accordance with the religion, the solution of the presented problem of life and death. On the one hand, there is an apocalypse of death, on the other, it is unfair. They say that such a situation should be faced like a catastrophic situation of war crisis.

One suggestion of these experts is that upper-class people should marry but do not produce children at all. They take children from lower-class people and keep them in their shelter. In this way the need for their child humour will also be fulfilled, they will also develop a generous attitude of benevolence and help the children born in the lower class to become an upper class. The second suggestion is that the age of marriage should be increased by making laws. Girls should not be married before the age of twenty-five and boys before the age of thirty. Those who do will face severe punishment and those marriages should be made illegal. Half of the growth of children takes place at this age. Girls complete half their production by the age of twenty-five as many as twenty-five-year-old women are paid as many children as they are born at the rest of their age. The third solution is to make it a law to abort the pregnancies established by the marriage of young adults by aborting them in prison and two or three children. After being born, every male and female should be confined under government pressure. Those who produce more children should be treated like a pro-socialist, they should be considered backwards in the government and social sector and should be treated with neglect.

The children of the poor should be confiscated and they should be brought to the government so that poor citizen is not flooded. Family planning should be taught in schools as a compulsory subject and the people are constantly trained in this direction by means of radio, cinema, newspaper etc. . In government jobs, only those with no children or fewer children should be taken so that they are not forced to adopt corruption due to financial constraints. The issue of population control by practising bravery can become the subject of idealistic discussion in the view of these thinkers but There is no practical utility. The current environment, literature, art, vogue of cosmetics have made it so erotic that these days celibacy can remain an exception, it is impossible for the common man to make it heartfelt and bring it to practical life. Based on this belief, they want to change the current structure of the two processes of marriage and reproduction. For this, they have some strange but thoughtful suggestions. One suggestion is that even if marriages between men and women continue; but they create the physical condition of not producing children. Carry out the operation of other preventive measures. The second step is suggested to revive the polyandry system.

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