Never be over-materialistic

Never be over-materialistic

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For the attainment of luxury and momentary joy, man has already been inspired by the weaknesses of his nature and knows what he is doing. With the available artificial means of prevention of child, there is a possibility of increasing disorderliness in humans. Only artificial means cannot be held responsible for this disorderly behaviour, yet to a certain extent, they provide yoga to increase the disorderliness to prevent the birth of a child, the physical consequences of sexual fulfilment and the consequences arising from them. Ever since success has been achieved in avoiding social difficulties, erotic luxury has started showing even more orgy. Due to intoxicating habits of luxury and instant pleasure, the craving for sexual utility has become even more intense among people.

Artificial measures of childbirth have been helpful to add ghee to this fire. In the western countries, a new ideology has emerged from the point of view of sexual utility with great force that sexuality should not be allowed to become emotional and married life should not be tied in the bonds of sexual ethics. Marriages should be conducted to run a family, but both the husband and wife should have complete freedom to consume elsewhere. In this, no one should be obstructing anyone but by helping each other and giving more convenience to their entertainment, they can introduce trusted friendship. These days in America there are thousands of such institutes called ‘Club 101’ where male-female freedom is satisfied with sexual activity. But they always keep getting new partners easily. Individuals with this belief are called ‘swingers’.

It is said that the number of males and females in this class has increased from millions there. ‘Swingers’ is no longer an immoral class in Western countries, but it has its own philosophy. The book ‘Group Sachs’ (collective indulgence) by dancer Gilbert Wartail has sold more than 10 million. California psychologist James Grold has described the movement as a publicly recognized practice and has said that nearly two million married and unmarried male and female ‘Club 101’ have accepted membership in the synagogue.

The magazine often publishes articles and advertisements on the subject. In western countries, 30 million copies of ‘The Sex Book’ have been sold last year. The Lutheran Youth Centers in Germany have made it their textbook. J. Harvell has designed the American version of it and Wilmac Bride has decorated it with paintings depicting the rituals directly and homosexual copulation and self-immolation as safe. These books have detailed teaching on how to make sex work more and more encouraging and curious. They also say that sexuality should be removed from all legal and social restrictions, making it a process of free use like food, water, air. That is what is said about the taste fulfilment of the tongue from the diet of tasty dishes.

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