Mother earth can’t fulfill your greedy will

Mother earth can’t fulfill your greedy will

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There are only a limited number of places and resources for creatures on Earth. If they do not voluntarily control to increase their numbers, then nature will have to wield their ruthless axe. Similarly, if people disobey competence, effort, altruism and struggle, they will start living a luxurious life of hobby and pleasure, then they will also develop such stagnation and civilization which is considered to be inferior in the definition of nature. The tax has to be destroyed. If the animals have got the ability to produce fertility, if it continues at the same speed, the same creature will cover the whole earth in a few centuries. Take elephant only, its reproduction speed is considered slow. At the age of 30, he is eligible to become a father and his fertility remains 90 years after that. With the difference of 10 years, the elephant becomes a mother. That is, an elephant couple gives 6 children in its lifetime. Even then, mathematics says that if all its children survive, then in the span of 700 years the lineage of an elephant will become 19 lakhs.

At a compounded pace, it is natural, not surprising. This is the case of the slow breeding practitioner and the elephant with a strong physique. Talking about the backward creatures with weak physique and over-breeding nature, the results of their lineage growth will be so amazing that if all their children remain, they will cover the earth with their descendants in ten to twenty years only. January 17, 1969, New Delhi In a release broadcast from the World Health Organization, experts expressed their opinion that children born to a pair of rats and mice can have 35 million rats in three years. But nature does not allow this to happen. If the mice could have walked arbitrarily, then in three years the rats alone on the earth would have been so much that every next leg of the person walking would fall on the body of a mouse. Nature has banned mice to produce more than 60 children per year. The bee gives 120 eggs at a time. She lays eggs 6 times during the summer. In ten days, children also come out and they too become capable of reproduction at the age of 14 days.

Born in 6 generations, if all children can be kept alive somehow, they can be surrounded by 1/4 million cubic feet, ie, 250,000 cubic feet of space in a season by the children of a couple of flies. (A cubic foot means a space of one foot long, one foot wide and one foot high.) Now, if we count all the flies that are found in the world, then it would be known that there are only so many earths like this earth for the flies to live. Only nature will become necessary. Nature uses her self-destruct weapon. As soon as cold comes, flies die on their own.

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