Limitless reproduction leads to ability shrinkage in species

Limitless reproduction leads to ability shrinkage in species

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As the speed of reproduction increases, the health and physical abilities of humans will go on falling and they will not be in a position to tolerate the changes in the weather. Then diseases, new diseases will increase in such a way that the incapacitated person is destroyed automatically, only those people whose health is safe from semen eradication. If a man does not manage himself, then this collective punishment system will have to be applied to mankind, due to its nature. Nowadays the rise in mortality in diseases and the origin of new diseases indicate the same, how terrible the situation of fire can be. It is frightening to imagine this. An oyster lays 60 million eggs (a million = 10 lakhs) in a year, thus the number of mussels produced from a couple will be born from five generations, if one of them If he could be piled on the spot, that pile would be eight times bigger than the size of the earth.

A fish named card fish gives 10 million eggs, if the children come out of all the eggs, then they do not even have the sea to live. To reduce them, nature has prepared such enemies, who keep eating them fishes also have to face the penalty of compulsory sterilization. If humans are not even self-conscious, then one day that situation will be created by itself, when either population will kill each other and eat. (War, pestilence, famine can also be the same form.) Or else women will become infertile and they will not be able to have children. The hand is the slowest breeding organism in the world. He starts giving children from the age of 30, if he produces 6 children between the ages of 30 and 60 and by the same proportion, if they continue to breed further, then in 500 years, a pair of elephants can produce 15 million elephants. Will. That is, there are only elephants on the earth and there is no place and means left for anyone to live, eat and drink. In nature, she has a tremendous understanding and power that she does not allow the population of animals with this physical ability to be uncontrolled.

She keeps beating them accordingly. This example shows that if a man is not ready for population growth by self-control, then either he will be eaten by the unnatural family planning system or nature will destroy itself by its destructive process. Nature has also prepared a cruel axe to deal with that is the choice of Samarth. Only those who are able and capable survive by accepting the various challenges of nature and struggling and presenting their developed abilities on that basis. Those who lose in this battle are put to death. The more reproduction that the organism produces, the more weak and short-lived the child will be. Those who use prudence to play with this fire give less difficulty to the scissors of cutting. Life struggle is a truth which can neither be denied nor avoided. One can keep imagining sitting in peace and having fun, but nature does not let him do that. The lazy go on losing their struggling talent, as a result, they do not have the ability to cope with the challenge of time. In such a situation, the destroyers of destiny do their job like skilled gardeners to keep the beauty of the world out of the inept and unable. They do not care about this, they will be called kind or merciless. Giant creatures of the lazy and pompous class ceased to exist on earth.

If the hardness and alertness required to fight the circumstances are not kept intact then the habitual person of indolence will progressively weaken and then his unused power will not be kept stable. There is a small country of population, its name is ‘Norway’. Nordin Antrim is located on the northern coast of this country. In this form for 6 months, day and night remain day by day, that is, the sun shines, in the remaining 6 months afternoon, the sun is not visible. It is for which today separate ministries are open in all countries around the world, even then the problem does not come under control. That is the worldwide problem of ‘unlimited growth of population’. Numerologists estimate that the world’s population is increasing by one million twenty million every year. Professor Heijwan Faster has said that on the 13th of November, 2026, the human race will end on the day that the population will become so much on that day that people will not have a place to stand. Dr James Burner’s figures are even more horrific. The Health Congress of London also states that 80 years from now, the world will go into the womb of the great world due to population growth, and humans will fight themselves, destroyed by natural outbreaks and become corrupted. Are, as terrible as an ostrich, the more a man wants to hide his face from it.

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