Let’s learn to bear difficulties

Let’s learn to bear difficulties
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You have to learn that there are some difficulties in this world that you have to bear. They seem invincible to you as a result of prior actions. Wherever there are nervousness, tiredness and disappointments in work, there is also very strong power. When you’re done, stand aside. Let the fruits of karma flow into the stream of time.

Work with all your strength and then surrender yourself. Do not get discouraged in any events. You can have authority over your own actions. Not on the deeds of others. Do not criticize, do not hope, do not fear, all will be well. Experience comes and goes. Do not get upset. You are standing on a hard wall.

The interviewed man neither blames others nor does he disobey situations because he is covered with more powerful things.
Be as wary of ego as that of a mad dog. Just like you do not touch the poison or poisonous snake, similarly, stay away from siddhis and also from those who counter them. Transmit all the actions of your mind and heart to God.

Trust of others will make you more and more helpless and sad. Look to yourself for guidance, not towards others. Your truth will make you strong. Your perseverance will lead you to the goal.

Whatever it is, let it be. Let me say what is said about you. You should think of all these things as the water of a mirage. If you have made a real sacrifice of the world, then how can these things hurt you. Do not put any effort into your criticism, then only real progress will happen.
Take advantage of every moment and opportunity. The route is long. Time is passing by velocity. Get into the action with your full self, you will reach your goal. Do not make yourself angry about anything. Believe in God, not in man. He will show you the way and suggest the path.

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