Keep your lust in limit

Keep your lust in limit

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According to nature’s motivation, the behaviour of the dieting house is being said to be ridiculous and the talk of using the dieting house for free from every restriction, only to increase happiness is being strongly supported. At the same time, the tragic consequences of this euphoric disorder are coming to light. A report by the National Mental Health Committee of the US states that 1 in 17 people in that country suffers from mental illnesses. Half of them live in hospitals and half keep cracking in their homes. The situation is even more miserable in relation to the defect of teeth often half of the public’s teeth are bad. In the context of this crisis, the report said that the cause of this mental illness and tooth loss is the economic prosperity of Americans. Due to not knowing the proper use, they sabotage – they drink heavily and eat blind medicines. In the US, 30 million people are used to mental stress. They have to consume psychotropic pills to bring about sleep and reduce tension.

The cost of 50 tablets of this type is usually equal to 30 rupees. These pills have to be consumed many times every day, but they usually spend 1 billion rupees every year in that country. The consequences of selfish individualism and uncontrolled sense enjoyment should be revealed in the form of economic ruin, mental imbalance and antisocial isolation, and it is going to come in progress. Lustfulness will kill 1673 more and more divorces behind marriage. This position is from the 1890s in the United States. There were 530937 new marriages here this year, out of which 31735 had a breakup (divorce). After this, there was a rapid increase in material comforts, this growth also led to a rapid disturbance in family life. In 1967, there were 1913000 new marriage ties in the US, out of which about 1 third ie 534000 people got separated. While the percentage increase of new marriages was 260 percent, the 1600 percent increase in searches forced us to think that increasing materiality is more oppressive than starving for public life. Increasing mechanical and materiality made man so luxuriant He has given that he has no time to think that he has any happiness, some duties and responsibilities in the world apart from sexual pleasure. Uncontrolled indulgence and lust have corrupted the whole society of Europe.

No one can trust the husband and the wife on the husband when he will choose which new partner. Behind the beauty and charm of the body, a man cannot think of virtues and character. The result of this is that today there are 3 million women in America alone who have got married, but either they or their husbands have left them. In married life, young women of that society would not have lost sight. Huh. Their angst manifests in a form of indecency, anarchy, rebellion and sabotage. That situation is not as painful as the illusion of mutual attraction in the name of mental peace. They do not have any reverence for the adult generation, so instead of getting the benefit of worldly experiences, they like to run like a flood of water. The flood of immoral relationships today is direct proof of that. This typhoon is still high in other countries, but no doubt if that situation does not happen here due to the increasing western influence in our country. Soviet Russia takes great pride in its character and morality. There too, 1 out of 9 children is born with a certain illicit relationship. There are 1 in New Zealand behind 8, 1 in 13 in England, 1 in 12 in Australia, 1 in 14 in the US, whose parents have had sex before marriage. The number of such illegitimate children is more than 3 lakhs in the US alone. The current generation’s lavish trend is becoming somehow fatal for the children of the future, if you look at it then the situation will look something explosive and shocking every person will think that all the human beings found in this world after a hundred years someone are deflated more than necessary. Not surprisingly, he will be revered and the leader. If today’s world does not stop the feet of its so-called progress, then should America, or India, be prepared for all of this situation. The hunger for lust not only compels one to practice immorality but also agitates the body with poisonous substances and spoils the joy of excess enjoyment.

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