Fight back & forth with adversity

Fight back & forth with adversity

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Life is a struggle. It has to fight back and forth, from adversity to difficulties. Man has to continue his journey by crossing the infinite elements. Taking a look wherever you look, life will appear surrounded by enemies. ‘Weak is the food of the strong.’ This is such a bitter truth that has to be accepted without help. Small fish eat big fish, big trees grab a dose of many small plants around to fill their stomach and those poor little plants go to the mouth of death. Small insects eat sparrows and those sparrows kill big birds. Poor people are persecuted by the rich, weak, strong. Considering all these things, we have to come to the decision that if we have to protect ourselves from being destroyed by the strongmen before they become victims, then we must at least save so much power by removing our weakness Even if someone does not chat

The germs of diseases which are so small that they cannot be seen by the eyes, keep trying silently to destroy and kill our health. If they get a little space in our body, they pull us towards disease and death at great speed. A little mosquito bows around with the gift of malaria, the flies are ready to offer cholera. The cat is ready to take food and drink from the house, the rat to cut clothes, the monkey is ready to take away the utensils. Shopkeepers are waiting in the market to give bad goods, weighing less, recovering double money. Alliances, thugs, thieves, sneakers are watching their own claims, freeloaders are setting their web apart. Thieves, hooligans, rogues try to burn, cause enmity and cause harm. Interest-related people also keep increasing their interest or interest due to their own selfish means.

Barricades are tied all around. If you are not careful, do not work with awareness, do not prove yourself to be strong, then there will undoubtedly be so much shock that it will be difficult to protect yourself from their injuries. In such a situation, it will be difficult to progress, to get away from pleasure, to avoid exploitation, kidnapping, injury and death. Therefore, while entering into worldly life, it should be well understood and tied the knot that only the conscious and powerful person is entitled to a blissful life in this world. Those who are weak, indolent and careless will somehow be sucked in by others and deprived of pleasure. Those who wish to live with dignity while protecting their natural rights, have to be alert to their enemies, gathering forces to avoid them.

Until you show your ability, people will be stuck in your path without any reason, but when they come to know that you are power-free, then they will be unfriendly as they were without any reason. Nutritious food becomes poisonous for the sick but provides strength to a healthy human being. The lion who eats and kills the men directly while walking the path, the lion shakes the tail in front of the master and, obeying his command, becomes a means of earning huge income.

Those with good health are called strong, but in today’s age, that definition is incomplete. At this time, the strength of the body, the power of money, the power of intelligence, the power of prestige, the power of companions, the power of courage, all of this together becomes a full force. In today’s age, a strong man is one who has many of the above six forces; Make your body strong, but collect the other five forces simultaneously. It is not our statement to use these forces in disrespecting anyone. But when you are being persecuted without any reason, then use them in the proper manner for self-defence, so that the enemies are taught not to be adventurous. Being strong is a virtue because it curbs the evil attitudes of the wicked and protects many other weak people.

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