Education is useful in every moment of life

Education is useful in every moment of life
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Even if the importance of women is so high, the condition of our country at the present time looks opposite from this point of view. We understand this very well that in ordinary household society, a woman has a heavy hand in living a happy life. With the arrival of a worthy woman, the house shines and when the unworthy is present, it becomes an arena of discord and unrest. Normally, there is a difference in the abilities and ideas of each man and woman, but if they become so much that in each other, there should be a conflict between each other and then that house should be considered as a battleground. It has been experienced many times that a young man who has grown up in today’s environment wants the woman to get into the structure of the new civilization, but the wife does not like that thing due to not being able to grow and educated in such an environment. Therefore, there is mutual conflict. Many people also force women.

He is forced to do the desired work. He has to do it, but his future becomes bleak. The mind becomes weak. Hope and enthusiasm dissolve. Therefore, it is generally necessary to have equality between the two ideas. Otherwise, the whole of life becomes painful and weighty. For this, there is a great need to promote education in the female caste, so that she can understand her own good and bad thinking and determine her duty.

Education is useful even in every moment of life
There seems to be a need for improvement in education. Educated girls today
They have become very fashionable, so the cost increases. Those of the family
She also diffuses her duties, so the education that she gives It is what is required.
Generally, the birth of a girl child here is considered very sad for the father, because she lives in a strange home. He has to spend a lot of money to find a bride, marry and give him a dowry. In fact, dowry has become a curse for society. Marriage of a girl child without persuading the groom’s father has become difficult. Therefore, it is important to improve the existing social system. Disrespecting the saying of settling her foreign house is downright unconvincing because a son and bride come to our house, she settles our house even after coming from a foreign house.

This is an equal deal. We should have more sympathy for the widowed sisters and try to make them worthy of social service.
I should do If she wants, she can do great welfare of society.

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