Don’t be a ostrich

Don’t be a ostrich

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It is said that when the desert ostrich sees its predator, it is frightened and imagines its mouth to be safe by sneaking into the sand, meanwhile, the hunter reaches there and takes it easy due to his own mistake. If nature is preparing so desperately to attack the foolishness of man, then one should go to Norway to study it and study the life pattern and the result of the ‘lemming’, a strange animal with the shape of the rat that gets there. ‘Lemming’ are just like mice, but their tail is small. Their only two tasks are to keep eating one and keep producing children. It seems that those who have produced more children in their previous births go to Norway in part and try to fulfil their elated desires by holding the body as ‘lemmings’ in this birth. But this foolishness of theirs causes their disaster. Prof. Joe signs of the disaster Heijwan Malthus, Dr James Berne, etc., have given their lively scene in Norway. Madam lemming keeps producing children day and night consequently, in a few days, the hills of ‘Lemmings’ are filled with such Goes like water in the rainy season. To stay, if there are no places to hide the body, then you run around here and there. The wager is that of wolves, bears and foxes. They eat and drink and make them equal. Sometimes even the enemies do not reduce their number, then they walk in the queue of three to four feet like ants and walk towards the sea. Poor people are so cowardly and weak that they cannot even walk in the day the enemies are ready everywhere for the weak. Due to this fear, they walk in the night and somehow reach the sea, but there they are also called ‘self-killing’. ‘I do not know anything.

He jumps into the sea and loses his life, he is left very few, he comes back and the same sequence of reproduction and destruction starts again. Man, learning something from this cruel truth of nature and perseverance, who is suffering the situation keeps on running in front of you, it does not get reduced? Don’t grow like this a fish named Cyclopterus lays eggs from 80000 to 1360000 at a time. Like humans, he also has a foolish belief that children are a symbol of good luck. It is because of this foolishness that her life always ends in a crisis. Madha takes advantage of her husband’s erotic instinct gave eggs and hand over the husband. You went out for a walk and the husband was burdened in the same way as men who have blind children are pressurized for their maintenance, livelihood, clothes, education etc. Neither the boys are able to get nutritious food, nor the proper developmental conditions. His family continues to give him tragedy as he is a chest peep. He keeps on shaking this huge heap with his head, sometimes his tail.

Yet many times they do not get enough pure water, they do not get the necessary oxygen. Hundreds of eggs die in this. Most of those who survive also remain weak and ill. Eat the weak ones, if anyone wants to see an example, then look at this fish with the majority of children. Small fish also haunt it from all four sides. Birds like crows and herons are for this. They beat and beat the male half-heartedly, and equalize the child-child by eating and drinking. Yet perhaps nature has caused him to feel as if he wants to leave an example for a man — see the number of children, this is the result of not paying any attention to their ability. Even so, neither male nor female believes. Every third month, they prepare an army of the same eggs. Males fall prey to their sexuality. The female then comes out to roam and the male again has the same mess and crisis life. The most child-bearing, fear-filled, vulnerable to life-long objections. He never gets to enjoy a walk in the sea, nor to eat and drink different things. In a few days, preparing for the other world begins. Cardfish is a similar fish, giving 6000000 eggs at a time. It is the oil of this fish which is used in medicines. Due to being weak, she is unable to protect herself. There would have been a total of five in the whole sea, but if it was healthy and capable, then this condition would have happened. The boat fish gives 9000000 eggs. Children fight over pieces of food, like several eagles for a piece of meat. This is the condition of the sex fish of weaker breed, it gives 28000000 eggs at a time. It should be felt that in the world, not number, but competence wins.

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