Change your living habits to lead to a smooth life

Change your living habits to lead to a smooth life

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I was shocked when I looked at the statistics of the treatment of skin disease and found that most of the teenagers and young girls are getting more in quantity. This was the reverse. This amazement inspired me to examine it seriously. The findings of Ellen’s investigation are shocking to those running the fashion blind race. They say that skin diseases like blood skin, crusted skin inflammation, winter itch and itching are rapidly increasing in the body of teenagers and young women due to wearing tight body touches. They have also warned that if young men and women have If you do not wear tight clothes, then further skin diseases can become a serious problem, some diseases can be incurable and even hereditary. Hygiene, cleanliness and art should be taken care of while wearing clothes, there is no harm, but it is necessary for a way. But at the same time, the prudent aspects of health sociality should also not be neglected. The purpose of wearing clothes is to cover those parts of the body that can contaminate people’s attitude, it should also be kept in mind that the rules of health should not be violated, that is, the effect of weather should be on the whole body.

The bodies that do not have a touch of fresh air are unable to tolerate even slight weather changes. With a few changes, the body starts messing up. The Indian dress is determined keeping in mind these things, as well as in terms of art, but today’s fashion is bent on destroying it. Now the tight clothes are worn in the body in such a way that it increases people’s attraction towards work-organs and causes mental disorder in the people as well as their health. Dr Allen says that the skin pressure is caused by the mechanical pressure and body rubbing of these tight clothes. This aspect is no less worrying. In these days, Dr Landon Cotinne, a practising Englishman in Australia, also searched on the fashion sciences and said that wearing mini skirts and other unnatural clothes not only hinders physical development but also causes brain increases nervousness and neurological stress, which is a type of curse for the emerging generation, which prevents the intellectual and emotional development of adolescents.

He said that girls wearing mini skirts have to sit in public places, trains, buses with one leg on top of the other leg due to excessive crossing, the abductor’s muscles shrink, which increases the chances of shortening the height as well as such unnatural The wearers of the dress remain focused on themselves, they have a nervousness towards every visitor, which creates a neurological weakness in them. If the new generation is to be saved from these defects then the fashion flood will have to be stopped. He commands not only the culture but also science. Not a psychological criterion of clothing, for the whole 6 years, he visited the parks, theatres, imaginations and other public places. Not one but thousands of photographs were taken and the person whose photograph was taken and his personal life was introduced and studied. One must think that no one is going to waste time in futile pursuits. He is a famous psychologist of London, Mr Neck Herald, who has made the important conclusion from such a year of study that the dress is the deepest of man’s character, nature, modesty and virtue. Relating to the mental depiction of young men wearing the same clothes as men, and their behaviour, Mr Harald writes — even in the manner of movement, conversation, getting up and sitting of such women, symptoms start to appear from the man. Huh. She feels herself as a male, which causes her shame and feminine qualities to decline. When a woman starts becoming a man instead of being a woman, then she not only is unable to handle the family responsibilities but the purity of her personal life also starts to tarnish. In Western countries, rising mistrust in married life is a side effect of that.

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