A old true story of ours

A old true story of ours

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From the point of view of population thinkers, all the rays of population control are present in the movement, but this will only create disturbances in the current social system. They say that if the producers really think of it as a threat, then the problem is solved easily. Lustfulness will cripple such efforts to control the population, even if successful, but the character crisis that will arise due to these reasons will be even more terrible. Human ancestors believe Western scientists Pythecanthropus, Sinatropus and Nianter Thal. There is a big difference compared to their shape compared to today’s humans. Compared to Cromagnan, human being is not even recognizable. Know Westerns about Westerns, but when we consider ourselves to be the point of origin of descent from fully developed human beings when we weigh today’s people in terms of their strength, anatomy and strength, then it looks completely different and weak and weak. The reason for this is his own mistakes, which he is doing without any consideration. According to live scientists, all the creatures are affected by this process. For example, today’s horse was initially a fox. Then perhaps his nature was also non-vegetarian. He was hiding in the jungles. Gradually, he changed his nature and started eating grass.

Due to the violent nature, he had a natural fear before leaving him and he lived in fearless plains. Just like leaving concerns, the health of the weak people also gets elevated, in the same way, he also started making his deal good. Gradually man began to love him and he started to admire the stables. Today, the beauty of the same fox-like horse attracts people from ordinary people to kings. Its power is compared to machines. In contrast, the study of the extinct animal (Missing Link) shows that at some time the Earth But many curvy and extremes were developed. But these animals created a lot of artificiality in their living conditions and were destroyed. Today, seeing the human being progressively moving towards luxurious life and increasing the population uncontrollably, some biologists also believe that man may not get an opportunity to reach the cartoony era, that is, in the middle On the one hand, where due to lack of labour and natural pressure, the human will be completely decayed, unlike the human body and nature, due to meat, alcohol, etc., some people can be such a monster, just like the Mediterranean at one time Great humans have been born in ocean islands and China. These people were very arbitrary and non-discriminatory. Animals and birds used to be eaten raw. Over time, the fat and obesity of these demons became uncontrolled and were automatically destroyed within a few days.

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